Think. Plan. Thrive.

Everyday innovation 

A collaborative, practical programme for a new generation of entrepreneurial managers.


Everyday innovation helps organisations to build a pipeline of easy to implement, low-risk innovation. It delivers value for your long-term goals and has the power to create belief and momentum in even the most stubborn of environments. Our programme empowers teams to develop ideas, gain buy-in, make things happen and celebrate positive action. It’s designed to complement change, transformation and innovation programmes already in place too.




kickstart a thriving innovation ecosystem.

At the heart of this programme are your people. We work with you to align activity to long-term goals. Select champions from across all levels of your business. We take these influencers through practical workshops where they learn the latest start-up techniques to build structured, validated ideas, focussed on delivering long-term value. We support them in getting these projects to market, and drive value by communicating activity throughout.


1. Think like a startup.

Build a community of innovation champions.

Workshops that educate, inspire and create champions to seed an innovation culture.


2. Unblock process. 

Get to ‘yes’ faster. 

Create a ‘fast-lane’ for everyday innovations to accelerate ideas into market.


3. Drive momentum. 

Positive, people-centred inspiration. 

Drive further value from activity by celebrating people and projects.


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