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Launch Lab.

Stop procrastinating about your business idea.
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The Launch Lab Programme.

Got an idea you just can’t shake?

Whether you want to escape the daily grind, find a side-gig to call your own or a route to unicorn fame and riches, we know it’s hard to get started with a new business. We want to help you get that idea off paper and out into the world. 

Launch Lab is a one-month, part-time programme that gives you the skills, confidence and support to stop procrastinating and start doing. We bring you together with like-minded people for 2 hours each week on a Tuesday evening. Set challenges. Help you progress your thinking and strategy to launch your idea the right way.


Develop the idea. 

We give you the latest techniques to rapidly develop your idea into a great business plan and a product that your customers will love. 


Find the right Fit. 

We believe that one size doesn't fit all. That a business should be shaped around your life. We help you to develop your vision.


Focus & Execute. 

It's easy to find yourself overwhelmed. We help you focus on doing the things that really make a difference and move your idea forward.


"Think Plan Thrive gave us the confidence to confidently move forward with a solid plan for growth."

Sam, Founder, Yapp.


How it works.

Our sessions combine the best bits from our work with corporate and start-up companies. We present these tools in a workshop each week. Give you support material to make sure you get the most from them, and support you one-on-one when you need a little extra help to get to the next stage of growing your business idea.


Action-packed workshops.

Delivered once a week, in an evening over a month. Develop your thinking and your strategy in a lively, challenging environment. We bring two Partners, so you have lots of face-to-face time with our strategic experts. 

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A toolkit to get you there.

The tools and techniques, that we use every day. To shape ideas and build your path forward. Each week we'll workshop a new tool, then send you support material so you can keep up momentum.


One-to-one mentoring

We'll catch up with you one-to-one as well over the phone or Skype. Our strategic experts can really help you develop your thinking at each stage, and put you on the right track for success.


"Think Plan Thrive helped work out what we really wanted from our business. It's created an incredible foundation for us to build from."

Mike, CEO, FourCo.


We get it.


Jared and Imo are Partners at Think Plan Thrive, and lead the Launch Lab programme.
They're serial entrepreneurs, not just coaches. They know how a great business should be put together. How tough it can be too. And how at every stage, there are new challenges that hold you back from getting-on-with-getting-on.

They built Think Plan Thrive to they help entrepreneurs to tackle these problems. To start. To experiment. And get ideas out into the world.

They founded the company following an MBA at Imperial College. Their experience spans corporate innovation and partnering, and both have built, owned and exited startup businesses, from couture to IoT. They lead a team that works on corporate and startup projects - from idea generation for Santander to community building for the DWP to commercial strategy for startups and developing and delivering acceleration programmes for organisations like the Design Council.


"We needed an objective, high level view of our business opportunities. Think Plan Thrive delivered and exceeded expectations."

Fiona, Founder, BBS.


Who is Launch Lab for?

Launch Lab isn't for everyone. It's designed for early stage ideas and first-time Founders. It's designed that way so we can give people the right help at the right time. Help them move forward and grow an idea into a business without it feeling scary or overwhelming. If you're growing a startup, you might want to consider our Startup Growth Projects. If you're a corporate disruptor, our big-company Innovation programmes


Launch Lab is perfect for you if...

  • You have an idea for a new business - A product, a service or in e-commerce.
  • You're in the early stages of your planning. 
  • You're looking for a side-business without quitting your day job. 
  • You're thinking of kicking off a startup and want to explore your options.
  • You're not sure where to start.
  • Where to spend your effort and time to grow it.
  • How to find your first customers.
  • You're worried that tech is holding you back.
  • Or that you might not have all the skills you need to succeed.
  • You want to meet inspiring people with the same entrepreneurial ambition. 

Who we work with.

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How to apply.


1. Apply

Our application form asks two simple questions to make sure that Launch Lab is the right choice for you, and to make sure that our cohorts can benefit from each other's knowledge and network. 


2. chat with our team.

We review each application and schedule a quick chat with you to answer any questions you might have. There's no obligation at this point, so don't be worried to talk to us. 


3. Course Date & fee

Following the call, we'll confirm your chosen start date and a link for payment. Launch Lab costs £700 including VAT, payable up front. 


Start something new today.

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