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Challenger Lab.

A series of fast-paced, intensive and inspiring two-day programmes that bring MBAs together with challengers from startups and corporates to solve problems.


For corporates. 

Solve challenges with business school rigour & startup agility. Up-skill & inspire teams to challenge with lean, startup thinking. Find new challenger talent.


For startups.

Become part of the Challenger Lab network - connecting with future partners and talent. Learn how to collaborate successfully with corporate partners.


For students. 

Business school learning and lean, startup thinking applied to real challenges. Hone your entrepreneurial skills. Meet companies who value a challenger mindset. 


a collaboration between


the programme.

    Day 1: Inspiration.

    Business school, design school and startup thinking - brought together.

    Practical workshops. Curated, inspiring talks. Collaborative storytelling.



    Day 2: Collaboration.

    Applying a challenger mindset + startup techniques to real problems. 

    Intrapreneurial innovation problems to solve. Quick-fire coaching sessions. Fast-paced pitch-off followed by pizza, beer and ideas. 



    Validated propositions. New connections. Inspiration.

    Post-event project support and delivery. Networking opportunities with Challenger Lab Alumn. Connections & introductions.


    Upcoming Challenger Lab events:

    Finance innovation & the customer experience. 10-11th May 2018.

    New technology is fuelling a wave of radical new business models in the finance sector. In this session, we look at the opportunities and challenges that new technology and new thinking are creating in the race to design customer-centred products and services.

    We're bringing together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, subject matter experts and MBA students to tackle live challenges from one innovative 'challenger' from within a world-leading organisation. Places are selective, there is no charge but you must commit to attending throughout. 

    Francois Blanc - LinkedIn Photo.jpeg

    Our Corporate Challenger:

    Francois Blanc.
    Head of Customer and Innovation at Santander UK.

    Francois has had 15+ years of sheer good fun driving change within the Telecom, Media and Banking sectors at companies like Orange and Santander, through 2 home-grown startups, and a few years of Management Consulting for good measure.

    He is passionate about making innovation part of every day at Santander, and the power of entrepreneurial thinking to make change happen, even in corporate environments.

    Apply to join the very first Challenger Lab team and work with Francois.

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