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Product Foundations helps you to shape and develop your product quickly, practically and without fuss. It's a combination of  lean, high-octane business school strategy, design school thinking, clever product-market-fit validation techniques and rapid prototyping.

We work with you every step of the way through development of software, hardware and service prototypes, in collaboration with our trusted, specialist partners.


how it works.

Product Foundations is lean, cost-effective and delivers you value quickly so you can keep growing. It's tailored to your business to get the best results - no matter whether you sell software, hardware or a service and fixed price too, so there are no nasty surprises.



Set up for success. Build a deep understanding of your customers. Test market fit.  Validate your commercial strategy. 



A pinpoint-focused product vision. Prioritise features. Address only the most important customer needs to rapidly produce effective, efficient prototypes.



Product prototyping. Quick and efficient development, testing and iteration, so you can get on with growing.


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recent projects.



from need to product.

From hack to idea to prototype to business case. This year we helped the Minister for Disability and the Office for Disability Issues to develop prototypes that tackle accessibility issues. From user input at a hackathon, we developed concepts through to wireframe models, MVPs and a micro-pitches, presented in the Houses of Parliement. Two of the three concepts were commercialised by the community. 


Developing a product the right way.

Developed in association with Sebastian Conran Associates, Inclusiviti's Smart Seat is a wheelchair holding features never seen before, including unique smart-wheels that give it an agility that will the transform lives of its users. But it's not just what's featured that counts. It's what's not. In a sea of possibilities, focus is crucial to make sure that you build a product that people want. The chair will feature at this year's Naidex conference. 


Where to next?

Renovagen produce a unique solar generator that holds possibilities in a huge range of applications. But a startup must focus to be effective with a limited budget. Through our work with this unique business, we uncovered alternative market needs and commercial models. Renovagen are now pursuing several variants of their product, aimed at serving specialist markets with acute and specific requirements.